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Explainer Videos

A no-frills, cutting-to-the-chase, no-beating-around-the-bush video, which tells customers precisely what it is that you do in an engaging and fun way ! To make your video go viral, it needs to pack a solid. Packing a solid is our specialty.Serious or funny or somewhere in-between, Animate Experts can craft well-thought-out characters that can convey your message effectively and enjoyably.

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Animated Presentations

Having trouble making an effective presentation at work? Is it looking too text intensive, too boring and dry? Are you afraid that people might doze off?

Shed your fears and arm yourself with confidence. Leave it to our capable team to create a presentation that will make sure that your audience is held in rapt attention throughout and they really understand what you are saying!

People usually underestimate the creative potential of an official presentation. Don’t be one of them.

Let us show you how we transform your ‘on the verge of boring’ text to a captivating, illustrated and meaningful presentation.

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Corporate \ Company Videos

The adage about first impressions being the last impression cannot be truer in the online world. What better way to make an incredible first impression than a Impactful engaging video about your company!

Animate Experts can create for you an animated video which succinctly conveys what you do, how you do it and why you do it an exciting visual way. Not only will your audience know what you are about, they would want to be associated with you! That is the kind of impact our videos leave as they cut through the noise to get to the heart of the customer.

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Animated Logos

A logo defines your brand. An awesome logo defines your brand awesomely. Our logo animation helps people across the world recognize, respect and love your brand. Let our vibrant and eye-catching logos bring your brand to life.

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Website Banners

No one can deny the power of online advertising, but few are able to use that power.

Get your message across in a powerful and effective way. Whether it is your own website banners or banner advertising, let the Animate Experts gang help you make the most of it.

Totally customized to your product/service and geared to the target audience, your banner will deliver the message in a few seconds impact as that is how much time you get to make the impression!

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Anything you want

We offer Customized Animated Solutions which really means that we adapt ourselves to produce exactly what you want! If it is something that doesn’t fit a category or is something one off, unique or a combination of all, don’t hesitate. Talk to us and we will draft the best animated video solution for you.

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Customized Animated Solutions

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